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2022/ 121 x 91 cm original, acrylic on canvas


This is my largest painting on canvas yet.


Art Statement:

“Avoid dark alleys,” “you can’t go alone,” “never leave your drink unattended,” “do not wear revealing clothes,” are warnings brought up and instilled in us for generations. Accustomed to living in a society where it’s normal for women to be a target for sexual assault based on what they wear. Perpetuating the idea that when a woman dresses a certain way she is ‘asking for it.’ Another common thought is that ‘men are sexual creatures’, as if they are allowed not to be in control of themselves. These cultural misconceptions led to a societal acceptance of sexual harassment resulting into an unequal population with half of us living in
fear. We focus on teaching girls how to be cautious, rather than also teaching boys that men can control themselves; be visually stimulated but act decently and enjoy non-threatening andhealthy ways of expressing their attraction to a woman. A woman who wants to wear a revealing dress either to be noticed, to be desired or to simply feel good about herself, should be allowed to express her sexuality and assert her right to wear whatever she wants and remain unharmed. A dress is not a yes.

Peña saka

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